We produce swingchairs, hammocks, accessories and toys, interior details from secondary raw materials. We share information on how to make your own (DIY) to promote responsible consumption, recycling and nature conservation. 30 % of the income is automatically allocated to the „Sengirė“Foundation, which takes care of the preservation of Lithuanian forests and the restoration of ancient woods. So used items that are still in good condition are given to the Happiness Charity Initiative, which cares for sick and children in need, thus bringing happiness to the children in their care.

Eglė Šeikienė

Eglė Šeikienė – a creator and nurturer of the idea of „va ir va kaip“. I am a mother of 4 children. I love my children and the nature around immensely. I like various handicrafts and most of all sewing. As I searched for myself, I have discovered that the most important things in my life are LOVE, CONFIDENCE, SIMPLICITY, HARMONY, and a sense of HAPPINESS – the opportunity to give HAPPINESS to others. So by creating swings, hammocks and other accessories, I realize myself, give joy to myself and other children, and in doing so from secondary raw materials, I not only save my beloved nature, but also encourage others to contribute to nature conservation. So the „va ir va kaip“activity is my love, happiness, self-confidence and harmony.

Kostas Brazdauskis

Kostas Brazdauskis is my father, my children’s grandfather, a great wood master. He has been working with wood since his youth, so since his retirement he devotes even more time to his beloved activities. He helps me to implement all my ideas, whatever it is possible to make of wood. Nature conservation is very important to my father too, so he uses only the wood reserves accumulated over the ages, the remnants after construction, for all his work, without rushing to buy new wood materials.